Heineken’s Digital Challenge 2014


In the last few years Heineken has established a strong global positioning with 'Man of The World'

The challenge in Asia has been to make it relevant to more than just the up market guys in a suit or tux - Asian guys aspire to worldliness but in their own way. 

We decided to tap into the spirit of Heineken online to 'open the world' of Heineken to a younger, funnier, more mass audience while still keeping it an aspirational brand with its premium and international image


In 2014 we executed this in a number of ways:

We used their new big events to help transform the image online, creating large scale campaigns via social media to drive engagement both online and offline

We used viral video campaigns to push the fun and light-hearted aspect of the brand, even promoting Thai versions of the tapes and even share their own

We changed ALL our social media platforms and content to be less about our status and more about how we can play in their world:

  At their parties
  At their special events/days
  At their coolest places
  With people they are interested in following


Heineken Facebook has become one of Asia's best performers in terms of fan growth, user engagement and event participation

The result is that Heineken has increased its sales to younger audiences in the 20-28 market, strengthened brand attributes for the young and changed the perception of what the brand stands for in Thailand