Feed a Friend


The pizza business is fiercely competitive. Brand-eroding discounting and couponing are the norm, creating an industry in a "race to the bottom", where only price matters.

Pizza Hut, Australia's #2 brand, was feeling it: numbers of new online members and new customers had been in decline. We needed to re-establish loyalty to the Pizza Hut brand while also reaching out to new customers.


Pizza has a unique nature as a social food, almost designed for sharing. Additionally, Australians are amongst the most prolific social networkers in the world. So combining the world's largest social network with the world's most social food was a natural fit.

Feed a Friend was the first Facebook gift you can eat.

Every time a customer ordered through Pizza Hut's online ordering site they received 2 virtual slices; one for themselves and one to share with a friend. Once a person had received 4 virtual slices they could redeem them for a free pizza.

Users could announce that they had a slice available to give away, letting their friends compete for their cheesy affection.

How we did it

MullenLowe Profero created Feed A Friend, a Facebook Application that allowed customers to recreate the act of sharing a pizza with their friends in the digital world.

Every time you bought a pizza, you were rewarded with two virtual slices - one for you, and one to send to a friend. Collect four slices and get a free pizza.

The user experience was kept very simple, with fans using a dashboard for collecting and sharing slices. Technologically the app was seamlessly integrated with both Facebook and Pizza Huts online ordering platform.


Feed a friend was a runaway success, with uptake exceeding our most optimistic predictions. So successful in fact, that the promotion had to be closed down ahead of schedule.


  • The campaign appeared in over 74,660 Stream Stories on Facebook, which resulted in approximately 1.4 million impressions at a cost of less than 5 cents an impression.


  • Over 7,300 pizza redemptions in 3 months (against a target of 5,000 in 6 months).
  • Average value of $20 per order on top of the free redeemed pizza meant that the campaign was profitable as well as effective.


  •  Customers who participated were 24% more loyal than other customers.
  • Online customer decline has been reversed, with more new users than lapsed users each month since the campaign.


Runner Up
December 2011
Creative Showcase
Social Media Strategy - Jay Chiat Awards